A personal message given the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation - including information about ordering my skincare.

The Ministry of Health has a free phone number for Coronavirus health advice: 0800 358 5453 or you can visit their website at  for more information on COVID-19


To reschedule an appointment please ring 8286438 (phones will not be attended at all times) or (preferably) email:


As the pandemic alert level is now at level 4 we have taken a number of steps (in light of government’s public health measures) to protect you.

  1. No non-urgent consultations or procedures that can wait 4 weeks (without increasing patient risk) will be performed

  2. Separate waiting rooms will be made available so that we can maintain safe distancing between patients

  3. Those aged over 70 are advised to stay home. For those in that age group that need urgent surgery, we will ensure that you can be isolated from other patients on arrival

  4. Your doctor and nurse will be wearing enhanced personal protection equipment/clothing 

  5. As the recommendation from the Ministry of Health is to stop elective surgery, we will triage individual cases and reschedule where needed. If any patient has a clinical condition that cannot wait 4 weeks, we will provide urgent medical care 

  6. Skincare orders - for clients that come to my clinic to buy skincare products, these can be ordered online at and will be couriered direct to the address you specify.


I opened the doors of this clinic in 1996, and in our 24th year we find ourselves in unprecedented and challenging times in having to defer consultations and procedures for 4 weeks. Given the financial implications, this is not a decision we take lightly. My commitment to your well-being and that of my staff is paramount, while ensuring we provide the highest quality of care.


Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me personally at any time. Stay safe, and wishing you all the best.

Dr Sharad Paul