One cannot have poor health and good skin...

Skin wears its health like a badge for all to see, everything is unashamedly laid bare. Here it is, an organ that once developed disparate competing colors to help rebuild a species, and in doing so, displays this simple fact: evolution and skin color are not words we visit in a book or museum; they
are windows to the soul of our natural origins.










Sunscreens: Tomorrow is Here

Dr. Sharad Paul is now introducing the concept of biological protection (BPF)™ -- and with it the concept of sunscreens tailored for different skin types. In researching certain types of seaweed that live both in sunlight and darkness, he found that certain sun-exposed cells in these organisms produce potent biological compounds and anti-oxidants that reverse UV damage, stimulate the immune system and reduce the number of cells that get damaged. Given we know that sun-damage is the major cause of both aging and skin cancer, he experimented adding biological protection factors™ to sunscreens (instead of chemicals) and we now have a new generation of sunscreen – with both SPF and BPF™ ratings.

Tests on our BPF™ ingredients show that there is an over 40% reduction in sun-damaged cells following sun-exposure. For lighter skin that is more prone to sun-damage, we recommend BPF2 and for darker skin types BPF1 should suffice.  Therefore while you are outdoors, your RxEVOLUTION sunscreen not only filters some UV rays, but also actively repairs your cells and protects your DNA. It works while you play!

All ingredients are certified by the Natural Product Association (NPA). All sunscreens have an SPF rating of 30+











RxEVOLUTION Skin Serums:

Increase Skin Health; Reduce Stress

Dr. Sharad Paul, has a keen interest in the stress response and the role of anti-oxidants on skin. At a cellular level, he notes that changes due to stress are the same irrespective of whether it is caused by sun-damage, aging, injury or illness. One cannot have poor health and good skin.


Over a decade of research has led to the development of potent anti-oxidant skin serums that work as wellness products and skincare – each serum contains uniquely formulated BPF™ (biological protection factors) that help the immune system, along with a different color-coded main ingredient with specific properties:


  • Turmeric:
    contains anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor agents [1]

  • Blueberry:
    contains anti-aging flavonoids [2]

  • Orange:
    Vitamin C reduces pigmentation and UV damage [3]

  • Broccoli:
    anti-cancer (broccoli extracts have been shown to reduce skin cancer especially basal cell cancer) [4]


These serums can be used alone or in combination. All ingredients are certified by the Natural Product Association (NPA).


RxEVOLUTION Daily Range:

Daily Range:

TEC (Toning Exfoliating Cleanser)

These days who has time to use different products everyday – therefore introducing a daily range especially designed for modern lifestyles, an alcohol-free, toner, cleanser and exfoliator combined - a perfect start (or end) to the day.

FF crème: firming facial crème – a combination of a rejuvenating crème, eye crème and primer – reduces wrinkles and effects of aging, decreases pigmentation and also can be used as a primer under makeup, if desired. Use every day (and night).

Backstory: Ancient wisdom to modern skin

Over thirty years ago, during a childhood spent in South India, Dr. Sharad Paul noted that villagers used to rub oranges on their skin to reduce sunburn while working in the rice fields. From this vision originated research into formulation blends using citrus/orange skin extracts. Both the FF crème and TEC contain the Mikanis™ cocktail – a unique blend of plant-based ingredients that reduce the effects of aging, UV damage, bagginess and pigmentation. Clinical studies proving their efficacy were presented as a keynote presentation, The Mikanis Project: Bioengineering Skincare for Different Skin Types at The Hong Kong Forum on Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Medicine in 2012.


[1] Curcumin: An age-old anti-inflammatory and anti-neoplastic agent.
Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine  September (2016) DOI: 10.1016/j.jtcme.2016.08.002


[2] Blueberry polyphenols increase lifespan and thermotolerance in Caenorhabditis elegans.
Aging cell (2006) Vol.5, pages 59-68

 [3] Protective effect of red orange extract supplementation against UV-induced skin damages: photoaging and solar lentigines.
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[4] Induction of the Phase 2 response in mouse and human skin by sulforaphane-containing broccoli sprout extracts.
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Dr Sharad Paul (MD) sunscreen and serum are NPA (Natural Product Association certified - all natural). No product of Dr Sharad Paul's (MD) contains animal by products and none have been tested on animals. BPF(TM) and RxEvolution are Trade Marks of Dr Sharad Paul (MD).

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