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Key Dos and Don’ts when taking an image for review

  • Do use a smartphone with a good camera

  • Do use good natural lighting - outdoor light is best where possible - not too bright

  • Do clearly capture the area of concern - most phone cameras can take clear, focused images from 60 mm (6 cm) to 100 mm (10 cm) away from the subject

  • Do take focused pictures

  • Do not have irrelevant distractions in the picture, like watches, jewellery etc 

  • Point your finger or preferably mark a circle around the lesion you want examined

  • If possible, place a small metric ruler near the lesion 

  • Upload the best image you take - zoom in on it and check it is clearly in focus


*A tele-spot spot check is not a formal skin cancer consultation. This can be for 1 spot or several. This does not involve any prescriptions or treatments. If you require a procedure or treatment after this examination, one can be scheduled for you.

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