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Sharad Paul, MD has created a line of natural products specially formulated with your skin and health in mind - "From my 20 years as a skin cancer researcher, academic and MD, I am proud to launch my research-driven RxEvolution range of skincare, sunscreens and serums. My philosophy is “science over emotion.” Your skin, and health, will be all the better for it".

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Live a life of wellness once you uncover the power your unique genetics.
Know how your genes affect your body’s response to drugs before you fill that prescription.

  • Discover what exercises will keep your brain alert and elastic for life.

  • Do you have a “sluggish gene?” Find out how to overcome a propensity for laziness and procrastination.

  • Know what your genetic variations have to do with how you respond to different foods.

  • Understand the reason for your stress response and how to manage it without drugs.

  • Learn what the size of your gut has to do with your brain’s performance.


By Dr Sharad Paul - Published by Simon and Schuster

Dr Sharad Paul's new book is due to be published by Simon and Schuster (Beyond Words/Atria) in April 2017 and is available for pre-order now from Amazon. or Barnes & Noble - 


Skin MD, Scientist, Storyteller, Social Entrepreneur

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